/ F2 Print
3D printing parts on demand

Selection of print materials
Depending on your requirements for the part, we will select the optimal filament for printing
Printing of large-sized parts
F2 printers have a large print area (Lite - 350x450x600 and Pro - 1000x600x1000), which allows you to print large parts
Selection of the quality of the final part
Part quality is dependent on print speed. We offer fast printing with an F2 pellet extruder (layer thickness 0.3 - 2.5 mm) or standard FDM printing (layer thickness from 0.05 mm)
How it works
Work with CAD file
Send a 3D model of the part and the terms of its use. If you do not have a model of the part, we will design it according to your terms of reference.
Select of filament
Depending on the operating conditions of the part, quality requirements and your budget, we will select the filament and optimal printing technologies.
We carry out printing services only on F2 printers, so we guarantee high quality of the finished product
Final part
We will send you a photo of the final part. If you are satisfied with it, we will send it to you by delivery service, or you can pick it up at our office. We are glad to have guests
Additive technologies in manufacturing
Automation and acceleration of the manufacture process
with significant cost savings
Our mission is to open up new opportunities for the application of additive technologies in any industry, making 3D printing with any material fast and of high quality for every manufacturer.
«It's no secret that it is more profitable to print parts on 3D printers if the batch is less than 1000 items, especially if standard materials are applicable to the part.

The classic production process is not so flexible and cannot provide the production of 100 parts of one type today, another 100 parts of another type tomorrow, and the prodution of 3-4 parts of the third type the day after tomorrow .

Additive technologies, on the other hand, are exactly what you need: you just need to create a new drawing and load the necessary parameters into the device software».

— Evgeniy Matveev, CEO
in an interview with the magazine "Umnoe Proisvodstvo (Smart Production)"
standard manufacture -> Additive technologies
on average, when introducing printed parts into production, they are
faster to manufacture
correspond to the physical and mechanical properties of the original part
Printing with standard polymers
large-scale model of the engine body made of ABS
Pellet printing
ABS part with complex geometry
Lost wax casting
parts made of a wax-like composition for casting or burning
Engineering polymer printing
thin-walled PP part
High temperature polymer printing
parts from PEEK
Metal-filled plastics printing
green parts from Ultrafuse 316L
Pellet printing for post-processing
ABS press die with post-processing (milling)
Carbon-filled polymer printing
parts made of ABS + CF (chopped carbon fiber)
FDM/FFF filaments - properties
standard polymers
engineering polymers
high temperature polymers
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